Irina Petrova

Your friendly neighbourhood e-commerce developer
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Having worked in the industry for seven years and becoming a Senior Front-end developer, I still find joy in learning, solving problems and building products.

Collaborating with different teams, putting ideas to paper and forming and providing honest feedback is where I thrive.

I have a strong understanding of UI/UX, experience of developing scalable applications in React and Typescript, and delivering features in a timely manner.



E-commerce developer at Verse

  • Working on internal design system and packages
  • Creating headless shop fronts using Shopify
  • Communicating with stakeholders and project managers in a clear manner
  • Introducing automated testing, ensuring quality of code

Senior Front-end Developer at Glowday

  • Unified the design language used throughout the product
  • Enforced standards for composing and styling components using BEM, Sass, ESLint and Prettier
  • Increased test coverage using Jest, React Testing Library and Cypress
  • Developed the marketplace and SaaS product including booking and treatment flows, account areas and blog
  • Utilised Azure DevOps monitoring to trace and fix bugs
  • Reduced CLS and other web vitals
  • Accommodated planning process by creating flows in Figma and leading card sorting sessions
  • Used initiative for refactoring complex parts of the system
  • Followed TDD practices when refactoring complex logic
  • Participated in hiring process
  • On-boarded and mentored junior members of the team

Astute Graphics

  • Maintained WordPress website supporting e-commerce side of the business
  • Created reporting tools for capturing conversions and business analytics
  • Supported business into pivoting to a SAAS model
  • Created integrations with MailChimp and Active Campaign
  • Participated in plugin creation and making code open source
  • Increased test coverage with Codeception
  • Worked closely with the senior developer and designer to achieve deadlines

Areca design

  • Worked with Twig for creating themes for in-house CMS
  • Developed and designed websites for various businesses
  • Utilised Unity and Phonegap in creating AR mobile applications

Awards and Qualifications

Carol Pugh Award of Excellence


And award for the best presentation amongst 1st year computing students

University of Worcester

2013 - 2017

Achieved 1:1 with Honours studying Computing, with focus on web development.